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What couples are saying about the Weekend -

  "All couples should go through this!"  
  "You guys did a great job and never has it been easier to understand and realize what marriage means and stands for"  
  "We learned more about each other than we thought was possible, after dating for 5+ years. Thank you for a wonderful Weekend"  
"We were amazed at how much we learned about ourselves and each other. We feel as if the Weekend couldn't have been better. We left St. Anthony's feeling renewed and excited about our life together"
  "We have a deep love for each and this love has been strengthened through our experience here for which we are greatly appreciative"  
  "Thank you for the terrific Weekend. We were able to really discuss issues without outside influence and interruption"  
  "We have grown so much closer to each other and Jesus just by evaluating our lives and our love for each other"  
  "When we first arrived, you welcomed us and made us feel that our doubts & insecurities were valid and that love is a decision"  
  "I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for this past Weekend. Patrick and I have not been able to stop talking about how wonderful it was for us"  
  "This was a great experience. You guys have no idea what a change this made in our relationship"  
"Being married 10 years we still learned a lot that we should have done when we first got married"
  "Amazing weekend! We are so happy to have been part of it"  
  "Thank you - we will never forget it"  
  "We loved it. We would love to come and help and be a part of it again sometime"  
  "Great way for couples to discuss important issues in a safe setting, creating a stronger bond and relationship with each other and God"  
  "This was the best experience anyone could ever have!"  


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