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  Discover a natural way to achieve or postpone pregnancy using a modern method of Natural Family Planning (NFP) . . . proven to be 99% effective in postponing pregnancy . . . a method also used with considerable success by couples that have had difficulty achieving pregnancy.

Natural Family Planning is based on an awareness of a woman's fertility. You'll learn to interpret certain signs in your body that indicate your fertile and infertile times.

As you learn Natural Family Planning, you'll be making observations and charting the results. With the Symto-Thermal method, it takes just one minute each morning to take your waking temperature, plus a few more moments for observing your cervical mucus throughout the day. Once you chart these observations you have a complete picture of your fertility.

Advantages of Natural Family Planning

Medically Safe
Because NFP is 100% natural, its 100% safe and has no health risks. It involves no potentially harmful drugs or devices.

Increased Health Awareness
Because NFP teaches you to become aware of your normal fertility pattern, changes to this pattern can alert you to possible medical problems

NFP is 99% effective in postponing pregnancy - this is the same effective range as the "Pill" or Norplant and more effective than devices, creams and other non-natural methods.

There are no ongoing costs associated with the use of NFP.

Immediately Reversable
You just change your timing. There's no waiting period. And there's no damage to your fertility - as can happen with other non-natural methods.

Morality of NFP
NFP is supported by all major religious organizations for use by married couples when there is a need to postpone pregnancy.

Not the Rythym Method
NFP is not the Rythym Method. The Calendar Rythym Metod was developed in 1930 and was based on biological averages, but it did not work for women who had irregular cycles. NFP uses a different approach to determining fertility.

Works With Irregular Cycles
NFP assumes that every woman is irregular, at least some of the time. Therefore, NFP can still be used effectively if you experience irregular cycles.

Trouble Achieving Pregnancy
Through the use of NFP, you will know the most fertile days in your cycle, allowing you to maximize your mutual fertility. In addition, your charted cycles may reveal certain patterns that can reduce fertility and that you can sometimes correct simply with better health practices. NFP helps many low-fertility couples achieve pregnancy naturally. If you do need medical assistance, your charts can provide valuable information to a knowledgeable physician.

Building Better Marriages
The majority of couples report that practicing NFP has had a positive effect on their marriages. They find that NFP improves their communication, keeps their relationship fresh, and gives them a deeper respect for each other.


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